Wednesday, August 5, 2009

just passing by

upon exiting the lirr station at long beach on saturday, on the way to visit a friend, i had to press through the throngs of tangerine-skinned beach enthusiasts to get to a taxi. having been slightly annoyed at the "sweetie" that proceeded the dispatcher's directions to the cab i'd be taking, i just sat back in the mini-van and waited to depart. an irritatingly enthusiastic guy sat next to me and an amiable, typically-long-island woman sat in the front. we proceeded toward our respective destinations, leaving the ditzy, chipper guy off first. as we approached my destination, i realized the driver had no intention of stopping and i watched my friends whiz by, their building number, which was clearly-articulated before, slipping from my vision. i phoned my friend to tell her i just passed her, thinking this dude's going to drop the other woman off and wheel around. as i'm talking to her, i overhear the woman say, "oh, no, i think it was him. he was going to shore road." i hung up and the driver corrected her with exaggerated emphasis, "oh, SHE wanted shore road." the woman turned around, held her hand up to her mouth in embarrassment and apologized profusely, but i was really more irritated with the driver, because i found it really irrelevant for him to be so blatant about it. i was actually quite excited that i passed because i'm generally hoping to be sort of enigmatic in the gender department, and despite my breasts being purposefully pasted to my chest, to my dismay, i'm usually perceived "correctly," even if i mightn't be yr run-of-the-mill young lady. i know this because of the abundant "sweeties," "ma'ams," and "honeys" i get.
then the driver said, "you were so quiet back there, i forgot you were here." to which i wanted to respond, "well, maybe i should just FORGET to pay you."
anyway, getting closer to the middle everyday, i guess.

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