Wednesday, December 23, 2009

twice the sir you ever were, or mistaken for a boy at two airports

got called sir twice en route to new york city. once in asheville by security guy, then in georgia by credit-card-pushing lady. thumbs up. brosemary says they must've been wondering where my mother was... like home alone 2.
already spending too much of my money. vibrators and a new coat-- but these are basic necessities, right? and i got a friend discount at babeland from someone who's more of a vague annoyance than anything else.
hot pomegranate cider with amber rum, eating tacos in sovereign bank for warmth after some martinis at the colombian hipster bar. discussions of encroaching dyke drama over pizza and more rum. people apparently still have faith in everlasting love, which is strange. i think bro-mo and me are the only ones who are skeptical.
by the second week of the new year, rosemary and i will have gotten buddy tattoos and you'll just have to wait to see them.
i saw my therapist on the street, but was too floored to know what to do, and by the time she passed it was too late. i mean, it's not all on me, if she recognized me first, she should've said something. i was in my head-- that's how i am on the street.
i have a whole box of yoohoo squeezeboxes at home, some chocolaty star cookies, and a bottle of cheap pink wine in the fridge. it's all good. whitecatscoutcat purring on my leg in the night.
paul baribeau provides the perfect soundtrack to my minor loneliness and wimpy beta-maleness.

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